Accounting Made Easy Testimonials

Lola as a Partner, Not Just a Bean Counter:

A small business contacted Lola after finding boxes of un-opened mail and countless unpaid bills. They needed some fast help, since the unpaid bills had mounted and now threatened their reputation as a reliable business. Lola worked closely with them to sort through the piles, clean up their unmanaged books, and create a plan to catch up on the debt. Lola also contacted the various bill collectors and lenders to design new agreements, and even helped improve the business’s terms. In the end, Lola’s plan helped them pay off the debt, avoid closing their doors, maintain their reputation, and continue to thrive!

“I have known and worked with Ms. Lola Dunmire for over a decade, 18 years to be exact. Our organization’s board members and clients include senior management in Fortune 100 companies, Article III federal judges, foundation presidents, and Nobel Prize winning economists. Before going independent, Lola has been our office manager and accountant. In addition to being highly competent and dependable, she is pleasant, presentable, honest, and constructive. In sum, I grade her a very solid A.” –John Baden, President of Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment

“Lola Dunmire and Accounting Made Easy have been my “go to” accounting helper for many, many years. Not only has her company provided comprehensive bookkeeping services with an attention to detail but I have appreciated that advice is only a phone call or email away. It is so helpful to get same day service when you find a glitch and cannot figure out what to do. This has happened on more than one occasion and Accounting Made Easy has always offered helpful guidance. I recommend Accounting Made Easy to anyone looking for professional bookkeeping service.” Anthea George, Owner of Star Ridge New Media LLC

“Lola and her team are the absolute best! My payroll, taxes and everything else are taken care of every singlemonth without me having to even think about it. In addition to her bookkeeping skills, if I ever have a question about workers comp, payroll taxes, or basic business questions she always seems to have an answer almost immediately. It is some of the best money I spend for my business!” – CJ Mayer , LUTCF Farm Bureau Financial Services